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Tenant Improvements

Columbia Center Tower I & II<br>Troy, MichiganBeaumont North Macomb Professional Office Building<br>Macomb, Michigan

We specialize in tenant improvement projects by providing a quick turnaround without disrupting the tenants in the building.

Our Approach

  • Design the area to be built-out with the proper zoning to meet special load requirements for conference rooms, exam rooms, lobbies, break rooms and private offices.
  • Assess and repair the existing duct and piping systems and upgrade them to meet current energy codes.
  • Pay special attention to material handling to be out-of-sight of the building tenants as much as practical.
  • In occupied spaces, we provide dust covers and cleanup on a daily basis.
  • Provide negative air machines, HEPA filtration units and return duct filter media to contain dust created by all construction trades as required.
  • Perform mechanical connections to existing systems after-hours to minimize disruption and downtime.
  • Coordinate closely with other trades to avoid unnecessary moving of existing services.
  • Modify control systems and provide air/water balancing and re-commissioning of existing equipment.

Our goal is to quickly and discreetly deliver the space to the tenant with a superior design to maximize comfort from day one.

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