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We build customer relationships by being responsive and straightforward in helping you maintain and repair your HVAC systems. We have a long-term approach and intend to be your provider forever. Our staff of 20+ technicians, dispatchers and account representatives are empowered to make your goals a reality.

Your facility requires care and attention throughout its life to provide the same useful environment that it has when it is new. A properly maintained facility is much more energy efficient and the savings realized and the improved occupant productivity will typically pay for the cost of maintenance. A system that isn't properly maintained quickly becomes inefficient due to accumulation of dirt on coils and filters. A single seized damper can double your energy bills by itself. A broken belt results in unit failure that can cause occupant discomfort on extreme days.


Our 24 hour service response assures that you will never be without heating or cooling for long. As a maintenance agreement customer, you will get preferred response time with a technician onsite within four hours. In the event of a major system failure, our technicians can locate replacement components quickly to minimize your downtime. We can schedule maintenance for after-hours and weekends to eliminate interruption and comfort of your occupants.

Through an automation system, we can monitor key components and temperatures and can be alerted of potential problems immediately as they occur to be proactive in their repair.


Our service group is equipped to efficiently handle virtually any kind of retrofit or replacement project. Our technicians are multi-skilled to handle all required components of the project. By self-performing all aspects of the project, we maintain control of the process and avoid delays often encountered by relying on subcontractors for a portion of the work.

Mechanical Service and Repair

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements
  • Facility Operations Agreements
  • Computerized Maintenance & Tasking
  • CSD-1 Boiler Testing - State of Michigan Rule 27
  • Burner Combustion Analysis
  • Refrigerant Containment and EPA Documentation
  • Water Treatment Programs

DDC Building Automation Control Systems

  • 24-hour off-site monitoring
  • Alarming
  • Trend Analysis

Energy Services

  • American Auto-Matrix
  • Johnson Controls
  • Building automation systems
  • Digital control systems
  • Energy management systems

UA S.T.A.R. Certified

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